Top 5 Akshay Kumar Movies

Here We Are Fan Of Akshay Kumar And In This Blog We Are Going To See Top 10 Akshay Kumar Movies.

5. Garam Masala Movie

In garam masala movie Shyam and Makrand work as photographers in a commercial advertising agency. Despite Makarand being married to a doctor named Anjali, both of them like to travel with women.

 To trick each other, they both get into a photo-shooting contest, and Sam wins it, traveling to the United States.

Upon his return, he finds that Makrand is living a very lavish lifestyle with the three most beautiful girls, who also work as air-hostesses. 

In garam masala movie Sam meets all of them, and after discovering that the three are unaware of each other, Pooja falls in love; And Makarand begins a series of steps to spoil the lifestyle, and possibly gets promoted to a supervisor.

I had high expectations from the film, which was marketed really well and had all the ingredients of a potential blockbuster. That's Why We  Put This Movie In Top Movie Of Akshay Kumar. 

4. Special 26 Full Movie

Finally has its first awe-inspiring film of 2013. It's been a year with all the crappy movies ever made. special 26 full movie easily stole the show.

The characters and actors have been chosen very well. Every actor has got a perfect character. 

The casting couldn't have been better. The direction is superb. So is the art direction. The story is not far behind. So it's a great story with some really good editing.

Talking about actors -

Akshay Kumar - Khiladi and Joker come out of their day-to-day roles of the stuff. It is serious cinema that makes him a perfect actor.

Anupam Kher - reminds everyone that he is still as amazing an actor as he was in the 90s Jimmy Shergill - finally chooses the right kind of role. He fits perfectly into the role of SI Ranveer Singh and also fits into the plot of 1987.

Manoj Bajpayee - Good as always. special 26 full movie ka CBI Inspector Wasim Khan is as good as Sardar Khan of Wasseypur. Kavya - There is hardly any role for her. He is only there for the songs in the film. Divya Dutta - Standard Supporting Role. does well. Other - Well done.

3. Kesari Movie

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In kesari movie The battle-drama of this period depicts the 1897 Battle of Saragarhi. The plot centers on Havildar Ishar Singh leading a platoon of 21 Sikhs against an invading army of 10,000 Afghans to defend the North-West Frontier Province.

The event is considered one of the biggest last-stands in history of kesari movie.

In 1897 Saragarhi, a Sikh communications post located between two large British Indian Empire forts (now in Pakistan), w/21 Sikh soldiers was attacked by an estimated 10,000 Afghan tribesmen In kesari movie. An event now celebrated every year in India.

There is certainly a little fiction to show the valor and bravery of the garrison and the evil of the attackers. Kesari translates as saffron, a color associated with the Sikhs in kesari movie.

Two notes: first, an Afghan Islamic "instigator" warns tribal leaders in battle that the British will allow their women to unveil (burqa, hijab) and then proceeds to behead a woman who is Shariah. 

2. Bell Bottom Movie 

In this espionage thriller based on actual events, Akshay Kumar plays a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent.

The plot revolves on this famous undercover spy known as 'Bellbottom.'

He was sent in to rescue the day when a jet was hijacked and landed in Amritsar, the sixth hijacking episode in five years.

Akshay's character devises a daring clandestine operation to liberate the 210 captives and eliminate the four captors.

Vaani Kapoor portrays his wife, while Huma Qureshi is one of his team members. Lara Dutta's portrayal of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is virtually indistinguishable.

Housefull 4 and Laxmi were not films that should have followed in the footsteps of Mission Mangal and Good Newswz.

1. Sooryavanshi Movie

Sooryavanshi Is The Top1 Movie OF Akshay Kumar And The Reason Is Here. 

In sooryavanshi movie 1993 Mumbai 14 consecutive bomb blasts change the image of the city forever Kabir Shroff manages to solve the case within two days, but feels guilty that master mind Umar Hafeez and Bilal fled the city. 

Umar Hafeez over the years carried out several attacks in the country and formed a sleeper cell network under the leadership of his son Riyaz Hafeez. 

Years later Riyaz's fake identity is found in Jaisalmer, where a team led by DCP Veer sooryavanshi goes to arrest him with the arrest of Riyaz underworld and Umar asks Bilal to return. for India. 

Soorya learns from Kabir that in 1993 1000 tons of RDX came to the city, out of which 400 tons of RDX were used and 600 tons are still nowhere and the only person who has the same idea as Bilal. 

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