Airlift Movie Interviews | Akshay Kumar Interview


1. Airlift Movie Interview From Spotboy E

Akshay Kumar and Nimrit Kaur share the facts of the movie and their experience during the shooting of the movie on SpotboyE for airlift movie promotion. Enjoy the visit.

2. Airlift Moive Interview From India TV

Airlift Movie Box Office Collections: Watch an exclusive interview with Akshay Kumar and Nimrut Kaur on the success of Airlift. 

Airlift has grossed Rs 44 crore at the box office in just three days. Many critics reviewed the film and said that it is one of Akshay Kumar's best movies. Airlift film will soon cost Rs. 100 crore will be added to the figure.

3. Airlift Movie Interview From The Quint

Akshay Kumar says when actors say that it is difficult to change genres they are just lying. Nimrat Kaur, who starred opposite Akshay in Airlift, says it is important that stars like Akshay do films like Airlift. The Quint spoke to him about changing his acting style and his upcoming film Airlift.

4. Airlift Movie Interview From Viral Bollywood

5. Airlift Movie Interview From Zoom 

Catch Airlift star Akshay Kumar exclusively with Garima Kaur on Yaar Mera Superstar with the first ever interview in air.

6. Airlift Movie Interview From Aaj Tak

Akshay Kumar's Airlift is the story of the biggest human evacuation ever in the history of mankind. Directed by Raja Menon, Airlift is about about 170,000 Indians stranded in Kuwait after Saddam Hussein invaded the country in 1990 and started the Gulf War. 

In an exclusive interview, Akshay Kumar has an excerpt or two to share about his latest patriotic venture, Airlift

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