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AIRLIFT MOVIE CLIPS 1- Ranjeet Katyal Before IRAQ Invades KUWAIT



This movie clip shows what Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) was like before Iraq invaded Kuwait. He was a very successful businessman who could extend his arms and legs to any extent for profit. He has very good contacts on Kuwait and Iraq. The clip also shows Akshay Kumar's derisive features towards Indians, who like to call themselves Kuwaitis.

AIRLIFT Movie CLIPS 2 - The Attack Night


This clip shows the night of the attack during the first Gulf War in August of 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Atrocities on Indians working and settling in Kuwait as well as Kuwait by Iraqi forces.

AIRLIFT MOVIE CLIPS 3 - Iraqi Army Shots Akshay Kumar's Indian Driver

Clip Description:

The clip shows the situation after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and Kuwait. The film's main character Ranjit Katyal, played by Akshay Kumar, undergoes a lot of torture to get rich and keep good contacts on Kuwait and Iraq. 

When he is captured by the Iraqi army his driver who is an Indian asks the soldiers to leave his master and speak Arabic, but they misunderstand him as Kuwaiti and shoot him on the spot in front of Akshay Kumar. was given.

AIRLIFT MOVIE CLIPS 4 - Akshay Kumar Dissapoints Iraqi Major

Clip Description:

Akshay Kumar, when captured by Iraqi forces, was presented to Iraqi Major Khalaf bin Zayed, who had last served as chief security in-charge when he visited Baghdad. But Akshay Kumar does not remember what frustrates him.

AIRLIFT MOVIE CLIPS 5 - Nimar Kaur Defends Her Husband (Akshay Kumar)


Airlift is a 2016 Indian patriotic film directed by Raja Krishna Menon, and starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur. 

The film captures the story of Indians stranded in Kuwait during the first Gulf War of 1990 August through the eyes of Ranjit Katiyal and a few other characters. 

It is a story about how these Indians, with the help of Ranjit Katial, managed to survive an Iraqi invasion, and against all odds, sailed from Iraq to Jordan, from where they were taken by the largest airlift ever to India. brought into. 
History of the world.


Clip Description:

When Akshay Kumar tries to help a hapless Kuwaiti mother, in the process, Iraqi soldiers discover that Akshay is trying to protect her and force her to cross the border. try to create a problem. 

The Iraqi soldier wants to take all the money from Akshay Kumar as well as have fun with his wife, which angers Akshay Kumar. He fights back and in the process, when Akshay Kumar is about to be shot by Iraqi, all the Indians come together to fight the Iraqi soldiers.
In the end, all the Indian refugees get a chance to help Akshay Kumar.

AIRLIFT MOVIE CLIPS 7 - Where is My Indian Flag ?

Clip Description:

When all Indian refugees from Kuwait cross the border to Jordan after extreme pain. They find all other countries waving their flag to help their people but India's flag is missing there. 

Nimrat Kaur then asks Akshay Kumar to find out and he tries to find her. Finally the proud Indian flag hoists on the top of the building which brings joy to the sad faces of all Indians.

AIRLIFT MOVIE CLIPS 8 - Air India in WAR ZONE For AIR Rescue Operation

Clip Description:

When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, more than 170,000 Indians became refugees there. The ultimate solution to help bring them back home was India airlifting them. 

Which was a big problem because the number of refugees was huge. Air India was supposed to do this job though it is a civil airline. But Air India pilots questioned in the meeting as to why they could fly civil airlines in a war zone, putting their lives and others at risk.

AIRLIFT MOVIE CLIPS 9 - Trick to Use When Your Minister Acts MUTE

AIRLIFT MOVIE CLIPS 10 - Akshay Kumar Terrifies IRAQI Major


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