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Selfiee Hindi Movie Trailer

SELFIEE Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar, Emraan, Nushratt, Diana | Raj Mehta | In Cinemas Feb 24

Selfiee Movie All cast & crew


Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar...Vijay Kumar
Nushrratt BharucchaNushrratt Bharuccha
Emraan HashmiEmraan Hashmi...Inspector Om Prakash Agarwal
Tisca ChopraTisca Chopra
Diana PentyDiana Penty
Fahim FazliFahim Fazli...Mostafa
Adah SharmaAdah Sharma...Meera
Chittaranjan TripathyChittaranjan Tripathy
Abhimanyu SinghAbhimanyu Singh...Suraj Diwan
Rahul DevRahul Dev
Kusha KapilaKusha Kapila...Tara
Meghna MalikMeghna Malik...Vimla Tiwari
Yo Yo Shimul SinghYo Yo Shimul Singh
Varun SoodVarun Sood
Paritosh TripathiParitosh Tripathi...Rinku
Akashdeep SabirAkashdeep Sabir
Saharsh Kumar ShuklaSaharsh Kumar Shukla
Sunny YadavSunny Yadav
Mahesh ThakurMahesh Thakur...Naveen
Mohd TalibMohd Talib
Mahesh PillaiMahesh Pillai...Director
Krishna KauravKrishna Kaurav...Repotar
Pankaj RajputPankaj Rajput...Villain
Avinesh RekhiAvinesh Rekhi
Vikky KumarVikky Kumar...Spical Apprence
Paras KalnawatParas Kalnawat
Meghna AgarwalMeghna Agarwal...Reporter 4 Meghna Agarwal
Ram Singh PatelRam Singh Patel...Vijay Kumar's fan
Abhishek ChoukseyAbhishek Chouksey...Friend
Arnob Khan AkibArnob Khan Akib
Neev AhujaNeev Ahuja...Gabbu
Himanshu JhaHimanshu Jha...Fan
Sushil BonthiyalSushil Bonthiyal...Sunil Awasthi
Neel Vishal MishraNeel Vishal Mishra
DJ VirusDJ Virus

Selfiee Movie Scenes In Hindi

Selfie movie comedy scene , funny akshey kumar 

selfie movie scene

Selfiee Full Movie Review

Selfiee Box Office Collection REACTION | Deeksha Sharma

SELFIEE Movie Review | Akshay Kumar | Emraan Hashmi | Yogi Bolta Hai

Story of Selfiee Full Movie

Akshay Kumar Movie and Raj Mehta Movie team up for the second time after a super hit "Good Newwz" for "Selfie Movie", but it seems that the news is not good this time. Lal Jr's Malayalam flick "Driving License" (2019) is not a sensation enough to get a remake, but sadly, our Hindi filmmakers had different thoughts. 

Unfortunately, I had to write this thing the very next week after "Shehzada" turned into a disaster-another South remake of a mediocre film. 

The choices went wrong, I guess. Driving License earned what, 20 crores maybe? That's usually what a decent opening day collects for an Akshay Kumar movie. Doesn't it sound horrible now? I am afraid they might need Abhimanyu Singh's character to do some black magic to save this one.

Selfiee Movie sees Akshay Kumar in the role of Prithviraj Sukumaran and Emraan Hashmi in a reprisal of Suraj Venjaramoodu. 

The first step goes wrong here because you just cannot have Emraan replace Suraj Venjaramoodu. At least look at the age difference. 

Anyways, for those who haven't seen the original Malayalam flick, Selfiee Movie is about a superstar and a fan who are pitted against each other over a childish misunderstanding. Superstar Vijay Kumar (Akshay Kumar) is in Bhopal for the shoot of his film, and there lives one of his biggest fans ever, Om Prakash Aggarwal (Emraan Hashmi). 

So, as destiny has it, Vijay Kumar needs a driving license, which Om Prakash can easily provide, but there is a common kick to it. 

He wants a selfie Full Movie with his superstar, his God. Somehow, things go out of hand after a small misunderstanding that pits these two against each other. The battle of fans vs. Superstar flashes everywhere in the media, and now it's not a public battle but a fight of their egos. Who will have the last laugh?

If you have seen the original Malayalam flick, then there is nothing for you in Selfiee Movie Full (except for the surrogacy thing). Rather, it gets even duller because you are seeing all those things for the second time and because Driving License hardly has any repeat value. But for the freshers, it might be an interesting affair. 

However, there are flaws in that too. The screenplay is at fault for being too slow after several intervals. The mistakes that overlapped in DL haven't been rectified here. 

Who knows all those questions man? And why would someone turn it into a game of KBC? Why the hell do all those people wait with bated breath for the answers as if they never had a driving license for themselves? That night flight to New York is suddenly rescheduled to the afternoon? Why don't our writers rectify mistakes made by South films? Why do we just have to copy and paste things despite knowing that some things lack logic there? Just because it worked there doesn't mean it will be fine here. 

Driving License was not a flawless film, but Selfiee Movie is even more problematic with forceful jokes, cheap humor, and repetitive gags. The comedy works in some parts, but like I said, it's a long film, so you are entitled to get bored after a while.

Talking about performances, Akshay Kumar playing himself, a superstar on screen, is a treat to watch, but I am not sure if any superstar really has that kind of humor in real life. It's a cinematic liberty, as they call it, but sadly, we don't have any specific category to review performances according to that. 

Yes, you will enjoy Akshay Kumar's comedy, but he is quite dull in the emotional scenes. It's opposite to Emraan's case. He is strong in emotional scenes but lacks comic timing. Reprising Suraj Sir is a tough job; I believe even Emraan knows it. 

Nushrratt Bharuccha is cute as a chatterbox wife, but it's not a performance oriented role like she had in Chorri and Janhit Mein Jaari. The most hilarious person in the film is Abhimanyu Singh. 

I mean, what did he eat before filming his scenes? Diana Penty, Mahesh Thakur, and Meghna Malik haven't got much to do. The hottest figure in selfie Full Movie has to be Mrunal Thakur. How sexy she looks! Someone please cast her as the lead in such a glamorous avatar.

Selfiee Movie has Main Khiladi 2.0 as the only saving grace, while other songs are barely okay. Kudiyee Ni Teri Vibe was designed as a peppy song that celebrates the stardom of Vijay Kumar, but there is hardly anything foot-tapping about it. 

It's too slow for the vibes of a celebration song (something like Dhinka Chika or Lungi Dance). The editing is below par, as the drama doesn't hold you throughout the narrative. You get some hilarious dialogues after every 15 minutes, and you'll remember them as the best things you've seen in the film. 

But was that cheap and kiddish humor really needed? The fart thing, the Masood Wali Smile, A big fan segment, and Arnab Goswami's replication—all these things aren't organic ways of doing comedy. 

Who else but Raj Mehta knew it better? The man who gave us probably the most organic comedy in recent times (Good Newwz), has to go down to this level to make people laugh? It's not a downfall then! It's degrading your own standard.

Jug Jug Jeeyo and now selfie Full Movie: Raj Mehta has forgotten his great talent.

What happened to that Raj Mehta of Good Newwz? Aren't we going to get more good news from him? Okay, so just between you and me, the moment I came out of watching Good Newwz, I called it a superhit. 

As soon as I came out of Jug Jug Jeeyo, I bet it would not be a hit. I was right both times. Now, the moment I left the Audi from the selfie Full Movie screening, I told my friend that this would be worse than JJJ. Let's see if I am proved right in a few days. Dear Raj Mehta, please go back to GN Zone. 

There is no director in our industry after Rajkumar Hirani who makes healthy organic comedy. You have Akshay Kumar, the king of the comedy genre, so we expect something really high class. 

Not as mediocre as selfie Movie, and certainly not a remake. I hope my voice reaches you and both you and Akshay Kumar come back stronger. For now, selfies are an average thing. Kataksh aka Kataksh sarcastically said, "Yeh selfie blur hai".

Selfie Movie may be a remake of a Malayalam film but it should be noted that the idea of a fan vs star film is not new to Bollywood. It has been discovered as a FAN since 2016, then as an action hero last year and now selfie film. I haven't found the original so this won't be a comparison review.

Point to note... On my screens in Bengaluru, there was only 40-50% viewership. These viewers were lucky enough to witness this entertaining show.

The story is clear from the trailer, let's talk about the screenplay. It is really fast paced especially in the first half. There are hilarious dialogues in the first half and some laugh out loud dialogues in the second half. This is one of the rare Bollywood films in recent times where the comedy worked perfectly. I will mention to whom and what comedy worked.

As far as the second half is concerned, this is where the main drama begins. It is also quite interesting to watch but at times you feel that you are watching a clip of a driving school being shown here. The film starts off by giving us tips on driving and road safety through Akki and Hashmi which I think is good for the audience but at the same time, a bit schooly for a film. You feel like you are watching an educational video.

Also, there are some really heartwarming scenes between Hashmi and his son Gabbu and the final scenes between Akki and Hashmi. I really liked this scene.

Now coming to the comedy in detail. It's Abhimanyu Singh (recognize him from Khakee?) who completely steals the show whenever he comes on screen. Whenever his parts came, me and the theater audience laughed heartily. Their low class ads where literally LOL!!! Other comedies included Producer Saab who was hilarious and of course Akshay's brilliant comic timing. You give him good dialogues, he will deliver them well. The film features another actress, Adah Sharma, who has a hilarious moment when she starts searching under the blanket for a TV remote, only to touch something, to which the naked man sleeping next to her says "that's not the remote". "!! pick him up? , The comedy is just spot on!!

Apart from this, Emraan Hashmi has also done a good job. It's really nice to see him taking on these family roles that are slowly shedding his "serial kisser" image. His parts with his son were really good.

Raj Mehta does it again. After watching his 3 Hindi movies, I think this is his second best movie after Good Newwz. The man has a great talent in striking the right balance between good comedy and serious drama. I personally did not like the comedy in Jug Jug Jyo but in selfie Full film I enjoyed it, however in the drama part he excelled in all 3 films. Except for that one Adah Sharma comedy moment that I mentioned, the film is clean and does not contain any dirty jokes. He has adapted the film well to suit the current scenario in Bewood.

Talking about negative. There is an educational portion of a film that gets too schooly for drama. Two, the film drags a bit in the second half. Not to forget that there is one KBC moment in the film where I think the audience really took an interest in it as I heard some of the answers myself.

Three, poor quality songs (Mind You, except for one song that I liked.. “Jungle Mera Mujhe Kehte Hain Sher” whose melody and beats sounded like a perfect mood booster). That song Kudiye Ni Vibe is very bad to listen to.

Overall, the film was good enough for the audience to wait till the end credits song Main Khiladi Tu Anari is over. Had the film been bad and boring, the audience would have taken the tiniest chance to leave the theater but surprisingly no one left till the song was over. A good entertaining family drama.

Don't miss it in the theater or else you will be part of the crying gang who were seen crying online after missing a movie like 'Action Hero' in the theatre.

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