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Hindi Trailer Of Vikram Movie

VIKRAM Full Movie (HINDI) – Official Trailer | Kamal H | Vijay Sethupathi

Vikram Hindi Movie Cast (in credits order)  

Kamal HaasanKamal Haasan...Agent Vikram / Karnan
Vijay SethupathiVijay Sethupathi...Santhanam
Fahadh FaasilFahadh Faasil...Amar
Kalidas JayaramKalidas Jayaram...ACP Prabhanjan
Chemban Vinod JoseChemban Vinod Jose...Jose
Santhana BharathiSanthana Bharathi...Agent Uppiliappan / Gym owner
KumaravelKumaravel...Agent Lawrence / Cab Driver
VasanthiVasanthi...Agent Tina / Servant
GayathrieGayathrie...Gayathri (Amar's wife)
Swathista KrishnanSwathista Krishnan...Prabanjan's wife
KarthiKarthi...Dilli (voice)
G. MarimuthuG. Marimuthu...Commissioner of Police
AruldossAruldoss...Rudra Prathap
Gowtham SundararajanGowtham Sundararajan...Veerapandian
Maya S. KrishnanMaya S. Krishnan...Escort
Maheshwari ChanakyanMaheshwari Chanakyan...Santhanam's first wife
Shivani NarayananShivani Narayanan...Santhanam's second wife

Best Scenes Of Hindi Film Vikram 2022

Once Upon A Time Video of VIKRAM MOVIE | Kamal Haasan | Anirudh 

Badass Bai | Vikram | Now Streaming | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Rolex Theme Video - Vikram | Kamal | ANIRUDH | Lokesh 


Story Of Vikram Hindi Movie

Vikram Movie's Story in English

In Vikram Hindi Movie, Karnan enjoys a drunken life but is brutally killed by a gang of masked men. Amar is given the case to the Black Squad commandos and the team.

In the Hindi film Vikram, Amar sees that two others were brutally killed in similar passion by a masked gang and they were government officials, but wonders why Karnan was killed as he was not associated with any government agencies.

Amar's interrogation leads him to discover that Karnan became an alcoholic, drug addict and feminist after the death of his son, but he also had another side of the cold shoulder towards his grandson, who suffered from heart disease. and he lived for her.

While investigating the case, Amar comes across Santhanam, a drug lord who has great contacts and acts fearlessly, while the masked gang continues to eliminate government officials.

Amar learns who could be his next target and goes with his team to rescue him who is under the protection of Sandhanam.

But as the masked gang gives them power, Amar manages to chase their leader, leading to an unknown identity named Vikram.

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Very engaging screenplay and overall great performances by all the stars. Lots of fan moments to enjoy. Vikram is looking forward to the future installments of the series. Congratulations to Lokesh and team.

KH is back with a bang in Vikram action movie. Action scenes are raw and chilling. Each character has great features and is used brilliantly for the screenplay.

Fahad Fazil's emotional part is good. Watch if you like raw action movies!!

South Indian pan movies have been surprising us with their content since last few years and Kamal sir is a legend.

There can be superstars of South in the entire film of Vikram and the film is an action thriller and the story gives you thrill.

If you are a fan of action thriller movie then go for Vikram movie.

I watched Hindi dub. Liked it This year I saw only 3 Indian movies which were worth watching on Big Screen, The Kashmir Files, Attack: Part 1 and Vikram.

There are no words. Just waiting for the next part. What a thrill ride. Don't take it as normal, mass masala overacting type south movie. This is awesome.

Full of twists and great action. All the actors have given their best. Brother watch it, don't miss it. Forget KGF, Vikram is a South film, the pride of South Indian cinema.

Good movie to watch especially thriller and a little mystery, the film director Lokesh has done a great job and Kamal Haasan is looking young in the film.

For the past few days all I could hear was that Vikram is such an amazing film and all. So naturally, I had high hopes. I have to say that I was not satisfied. But I wasn't disappointed either.

The action sequences have been shot well. Kamal, Fahad, Chemban Vinod (police officer) played their roles. Anirudh has done a great job with the background score and the songs.

Keep your expectations low and you'll be in for a treat.

The trio Kamal Haasan, Fahadh Faasil, VJSethupathi dominate and drive the entire film, which they put us on the edge of the seat.

KGF < Better than Vikram Excellent and consistent action and violence sequences made in recent times. Loki's writing screenplay direction leaves us stunned - Twist - Goosebumps - Repeat. Looking forward to their multiverse connections.

Anirudh Extraordinary, Stunning, Hollywood Range BGM😳 was unbelievable. Young Anirudh was proud of Tamil cinema and gems for Indian industries.

In Vikram's full movie, the action packed must watch thriller makes for a complete theatrical experience.

very nice! Vikram is one of the best action movies of all time in world cinema. Superb direction and cinematography make it very interesting.

Brilliant performance from Kamal sir and this is a great comeback. All the performances of the rest of the crew are great to watch.

In Vikram Hindi movie, Anirudh sir's soundtrack is stunning and makes it totally catchy. Suriya sir's role at Last is magical and completely unexpected and shot brilliantly.

There are few references to Kaithi movie in Vikram movie, so learning some of the main characters in Kaithi will help you understand some scenes from this movie better.

The film has some violent action scenes and lots of blood and stabbing scenes. So think twice before bringing kids if they are sensitive. Overall it is a well scripted film. Zero lags behind in my opinion.

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