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AndhaDhun | Official Trailer | Tabu | Ayushmann Khurrana | Radhika Apte | 5th October

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Cast (in credits order)  

Ayushmann KhurranaAyushmann Khurrana...Akash
Radhika ApteRadhika Apte...Sofie
Anil DhawanAnil Dhawan...Pramod Sinha
Manav VijManav Vij...Inspector Manohar Jawanda
Ashwini KalsekarAshwini Kalsekar...Mrs. Rasika Jawanda
Chhaya KadamChhaya Kadam...Mavashi
Zakhir HussainZakhir Hussain...Dr. Swami (as Zakir Hussain)
Rashmi AgdekarRashmi Agdekar...Daani
Abhishek ShuklaAbhishek Shukla...Hunter
Mohini KewalramaniMohini Kewalramani...Mrs. D'Sa
Nikitasha KapoorNikitasha Kapoor...Subway Waitress
Saumin PatelSaumin Patel...Artist at Franco's
Hera SajidHera Sajid...Nurse with Dr. Swami
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Abhishek AnandAbhishek Anand...Criminal In Police Station
Vishal BajajVishal Bajaj...Man In The Bus
Yogesh ChandekarYogesh Chandekar...Kitchen Boy At Franco's
Rahul GajjalRahul Gajjal...Blind Man 1
Gaurav KumeriyaGaurav Kumeriya
Suchitra MohiteSuchitra Mohite...Doctor At Emergency Ward
Pratik Nandkumar MorePratik Nandkumar More...Surya
Pankaj PoalPankaj Poal...Security Guard At Franco's
Mahesh RaleMahesh Rale...P. Kamdar
Swapnil SawantSwapnil Sawant...Driver At Traffic Signal
Kabir Sajid ShaikhKabir Sajid Shaikh...Bandu (as Kabir Sajid)
Sujeet Kumar SharmaSujeet Kumar Sharma
Surabhi SharmaSurabhi Sharma...Reporter
Deependra SinghDeependra Singh...Harsh
Gopal SinghGopal Singh...Sub Inspector Paresh
Hemendra Pratap SinghHemendra Pratap Singh...Blind Man 2
Pawan SinghPawan Singh...Murli
Akash SoniAkash Soni...Simi's Assistant
Franco VazFranco Vaz...Franco
Jaydutt VyasJaydutt Vyas...Alurkar
Hani YadavHani Yadav...Hardik

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Andhadhun Full Movie story description

In Andhadhun Movie Many people have reviewed and rated it highly and I am no different. I found it quite amusing. The following is a review of the ending and how enriching that experience was for me as an audience. Hope you all like it.

Saw it again today. I didn't post about its ending in the first place because I liked the director's version of the open ending and left it to the audience's interpretation.

However, when I rewatched it today, I realized that Andhadhun Movie has no open ending if you look carefully.

Before going into the meaning of the ending we have to understand the phenomenon of rabbit or duck illusion. Google "rabbit or duck" for the image and the reference for the rest of my review.

For decades, the rabbit or duck illusion has been presented as a test of creativity levels. What you see in the image determines which part of your brain is more active. Many people see only the duck, some people see only the rabbit and some see both.

Of course you can see both if you know it is an illusion and you pay too much attention to it and if you try to see it.

However, the real trick is (and this is the next level - not part of the original illusion but something that Raghavan has done here), that what if there is no illusion? But getting used to the concept of illusion, we are forced to seek both the rabbit and the duck.

Andhadhun Movie - No duck is a duck. It's just a rabbit.

In the last scene of the Andhadhun Movie, the restaurant waitress comes out and gives back her cane to Ayushmann. There is a rabbit on the handle of this cane (Raghavan starts his rabbit/duck confusion here)

Andhadhun Movie begins with Ayushmann's voice saying to Radhika - "Too long story... Coffee? - It's a very long story... Coffee?" (This line is repeated towards the end and the audience gets to know that Ayushmann is telling the story of his life to Radhika)

But interestingly, the storytelling stops towards the climax (when Ayushmann and the doctor are driving in the story)... the scene cuts to London and Radhika says - "And then? (And then?) 

It's the author's way of writing an epilogue solely to "create the illusion of an illusion". In the epilogue story where Ayushmann tells the story of Tabu's accident and how the rabbit jumped and caused the accident - only 2 souls can know about the rabbit. 

1- Tabu (who was distracted) and 2- Rabbit (because it distracted attention)... Ayushmann wouldn't even know because he was blind. So very clearly, Raghavan tells you that Ayushmann is just bluffing in this last piece.

Now some might say that the shooter saw the rabbit as well and he could have come and told Ayushmann - but I am making my interpretation based on what is shown. But no, what is shown is pure guesswork.

Here's one more thing - Tabu's death would have been a huge piece of information, which Radhika would have already known about since the matter was so high profile, but it seems that all this information came from Ayushmann for the first time, who is Tabu's. Was completely ignorant of things. Until that moment.

So Raghavan deftly tells the truth, but till then- we the viewers are so caught up in this splendid tale of our hearts that we want to remain in suspense, we want to believe that there is some confusion.

Raghavan even more clearly explains it very loudly and clearly that there is no illusion- Ayushmann's cane with the handle of a rabbit (or duck), clearly saying- that Ayushmann is selling illusions. Because they have no way of validating the presence of the rabbit but what he is telling in his story.

This is an absolutely delightful way to capture your audience looking for things they invent.

Indiscriminate (original word not film title - note the spelling difference) - basically means, something that happens very rapidly and carelessly without any verification or consideration - what the ending really is.

Well, wow, that was quite a Andhadhun Movie, and no doubt it will be watched by most of the audience in one breath and will keep them all on the edge of their seats the whole time, like it kept me and my family.

Andhadhun Movie is first and foremost an amazing story, and Sriram Raghavan, one of the most talented directors working in Hindi Andhadhun Movie today, has brilliantly translated it to the screen, a stylish and highly taut thriller. Constructed which is very slick and aesthetically pleasing, but also very nice. Reliable, involved and thought provoking.

The narration style is excellent, and the plot is very unpredictable, with several plot twists as the story unfolds.

Technically, the Andhadhun Full Movie is pretty impressive - the camera work is superb, and the sound score is superb and never exaggerated. The characters are brilliantly carved, and the acting is perfectly matched.

The Andhadhun Movie clearly deals with two heads who are polar opposites in terms of morals and intentions, but they also complement each other within the story.

Ayushmann Khurrana has always been extremely likable and convincing, and in Andhadhun Movie, he has done a wonderful job of adding depth to a character that could easily have been one-dimensional.

His Aakash is real and flawed and not a stereotypical hero, and the way Khurana portrays Aakash's changing phases is so good that even after knowing the truth, the audience can be confused.

 And speaking of breaking stereotypes, who could be a better choice for the role of the ruthless Simi, if not the wonderfully charismatic Tabu, who is one of the great actresses of India.

 Her portrayal is exceptional because, playing a bad, villainous role, she avoids it turning into a caricature and creates a woman who is as evil and immoral as she is real and controversial. She actually manages to make her character almost comical, and this is probably her most entertaining performance in this regard.

Both of these make Andhadhun Movie an incredible cinematic experience and what else can I add, just please go and watch Andhadhun Movie, if you haven't seen Andhadhun Full Movie yet.

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